11 Feb 2017

The life of a seafarer a post covid-19 strategy

Post covid-19 strategy In the aspect of the post covid-19 strategy regarding the life of a seafarer; measures should be taken to manage the embarkation and disembarkation processes of seafarers and the ship as a whole. With regard to the actual embarkation and disembarkation processes, it is imperative that ship operators take into account a requirement whereby seafarers must complete a period referred to as self-study on board (SSD) upon embarkation. The interest of this is to provide an effective time and means to monitor the health of seafarers and manage the risk in the event of any possible asymptomatic infection at the time of embarkation. You can read the rest of Paul Ogun’s article in our October AIU Campus Mundi 2021 magazine on page 12 using this link:

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